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To see a regional overview map of Ice Age Trail segments in this area and a free excerpt from our Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011 providing driving directions and descriptions of each segment, click here to download a map/description packet. For highly detailed maps suitable for hike navigation, check out our Ice Age Trail Atlas.

Notes on Route Changes and Current Conditions

The map below shows all official Ice Age National Scenic Trail segments (blue lines; actual trail is marked with yellow blazes) and unofficial connecting routes (green lines; actual routes are unmarked). Notes (if any) on route changes and current conditions are indicated by “push pins” on the map; details for each push pin are shown below the map.

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The data shown on this map is for general information purposes only. The Ice Age Trail Alliance gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of these data. It is strongly recommended that only the Ice Age Trail Atlas and Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011 be used as official resources for information about the Trail.

As the Ice Age Trail evolves toward completion its route changes over time as volunteers build new sections and other sections are rerouted or closed. Weather and activities such as hunting and land management (e.g., logging) can also alter Trail navigation and access. Pushpins on the map above and detailed comments below (if any) are intended to keep Ice Age Trail users up to date on current Trail conditions and route changes (compared with the Ice Age Trail Atlas and Ice Age Trail Companion Guide 2011).

Chippewa Moraine:Reroute (permanent)

Reroute on Firth Lake Segment

effective date: Sep 07, 2010

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 16f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 265

A portion of this segment crossing private land is now closed. The new route is as follows: Eastbound: Continue walking south on County Hwy E to 245th Ave. The distance from the trailhead on Hwy E (near Camp Nawakwa) to 245th Ave is 0.9 mile. Then proceed east on 245th Ave for 0.92 mile to the trail entrance on the north side of 245th Ave. Westbound: Proceed across 245th Ave on the trail to a side trail to your left. This distance is 1.09 mi. Follow a lightly marked trail to 245th Ave (gravel road) and turn right (westbound) for 0.92 miles to County Hwy E. Turn right and walk (facing traffic) on Hwy E 0.9 mile to the westbound trailhead sign near Camp Nawakwa.

Chippewa Moraine:Reroute (temporary)

Chippewa River Segment rerouted

effective date: May 29, 2012

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 16f, 17f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 298

A 0.5 mile portion of the Chippewa River Segment from Hwy Z north to a small parking lot on Hwy CC has been successfully rerouted and is fully open fo ruse.

Note, however, that the trail no longer uses a footbridge at the Perch Lake Parking area. The bridge has been closed and is extremely unsafe. Instead, the southbound trail begins 400' north of the Perch Lake parking area. There is an "Ice Age Trail, Chippewa River Segment" sign at the parking lot, which is about 1/4 mile north of Hwy Z, or 1 1/4 mile north of Hwy 64.

If hiking northbound, the trail leaves the woods at Co HWY CC. Turn left and follow the highway north 0.5 mi, watching for the yellow blaze post down below on the east side of the highway. If you are returning to your vehicle at the small parking Perch Lake parking area, go right (south) 400'.

Chippewa Moraine:New Trail Access Point

New Trail Access at Firth Lake

effective date: Aug 20, 2012

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 16f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 299

A new trailhead has been established at the Firth Lake State Ice Age Trail Area. The new trailhead parking area is 2 miles west of Hwy CC off of 250th Ave, which is 1.25 miles north of the large Ice Age Trail parking area on Hwy CC.

The new area consists of a newly graveled entrance drive, a small parking area, and a boat launching ramp. A gated trail leads 1/4 mile from the parking area to the Ice Age Trail along the shore of Firth Lake. It intersects with the trail at the point where the IAT heads west, away from the lake. The waypoint location is CH5 in the Companion Guide, and is described on page 299.

Firth Lake is about 3 miles from either Hwy CC to the East or 245th Ave to the West.

250th Ave is a gravel forest road. The next trailhead west, at 245th Ave, can be reached by vehicle by following 250th Ave west to the intersection with 245th Ave, and turning left. This route is identified on this web map as "Moses Lake Road"

Chippewa Moraine:Current Conditions Report

Firth Lake Boardwalk Repaired!

effective date: Jul 14, 2013

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 16f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 299

The Firth Lake boardwalk repairs have been completed. This is a great time to enjoy the views of Firth Lake from the boardwalk, as the marsh is studded with the pink flowers of swamp milkweed, waterlillies are blooming, and the dragonflies add sparkle and color to the green vegetation and blue open water.

While the boardwalk is sturdy, the decking is showing its age. As always, please use caution when walking to avoid tripping.

Firth Lake can now be accessed from a new parking area located on the northwest corner of the lake, near 250th Ave. The entrance to the parking area is about 2 miles west of Hwy CC on 250th Ave, which is about 3 miles north of Hwy 64 at Cornell.

Chippewa Moraine:Reroute (permanent)

New Harwood Lakes Segment Open

effective date: Oct 08, 2013

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 16f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 300

A half-mile of new Trail in Camp Nawakwa is now open as a result of a 2013 Mobile Skills Crew project. From County Hwy E traveling west to the south shore of Picnic Lake, the new route follows the shore and provides spectacular views. Also see the update about the new Dispersed Camping Area further west.

See the location of the new Trail section here.

Chippewa Moraine:New Camping Option

Harwood Lakes Segment - Dispersed Camping Area

effective date: Oct 08, 2013

Ice Age Trail Atlas Map 16f; Ice Age Trail Companion Guide p. 300

The Harwood Lakes Segment is now home to a dispersed camping area near the shores of Picnic Lake created specifically for long-distance, multi-day Ice Age Trail hikers. It has no facilities and is a “camp within sight of this sign”-type area. It offers multi-day, long-distance hikers a good spot to camp just off the Ice Age Trail. The site is NOT intended for use by those looking to do a one-night out-and-back hike.

If you take a hike on the Ice Age Trail, please let us know how it went. Trail user reports are key to our ability to keep the Ice Age Trail well-maintained and user-friendly. If you notice something during your hike that you think should be included on this page, please let us know by contacting the Ice Age Trail Alliance main office (800-227-0046, info@iceagetrail.org). As you hike, please keep in mind that the Ice Age Trail is largely built and maintained by volunteers. We can always use your help! Contact the chapter coordinator or visit the chapter's events calendar to learn how you can get involved.